What is Istikhara Prayer and Dua ? Read full Detail

Istikhara: A Prayer for Guidance

In Islam, Istikhara is a prayer that is performed when faced with a difficult decision or uncertainty. The word “Istikhara” is derived from the Arabic root word “khayr,” which means “goodness” or “betterment.” The Istikhara prayer is a way to seek Allah’s guidance in making the best decision for ourselves and our lives.

The Istikhara prayer is a simple yet profound process. It involves making sincere intentions, reciting the specific dua (supplication) of Istikhara, and then having patience and trust in Allah’s wisdom. The answer to your Istikhara may not be immediate, but it will come in the form of a feeling, a sign, or through circumstances.

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of Istikhara, the method of performing it, and the meaning of the dua. We will also provide some tips for getting the most out of your Istikhara prayer.

I hope this article is helpful for anyone who is considering performing Istikhara.

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